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Art with BAC: Gustav Klimt Mother’s Day Collage

Hello all!

Today is Mother’s Day so we’re saying a huge thank you to all mothers and mother figures out there. Whether you are celebrating together or remotely, we at Brentwood wanted you to be able to spend it celebrating your mother with art!

We have created a simple lesson based on the prominent Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. Painted in 1905, “Le Tre Eta Della Donna” focuses on three stages of women in their life. For our lesson today we’ve decided to zone in on the young mother depicted holding her child in her arms.



Let’s Start!



  • Our BAC DIY Print-Out Sheet

  • Old Magazines/Origami Paper/Colored Paper/Tissue Paper

  • Colored Pencils (For coloring in the skin)

  • Scissor

  • Gluestick

1. Save and print this image on your computer


2. Color in the mother and child with color pencils



3. Cut out your paper in strips first, you can choose to cut them even smaller to fill in the tight spaces

Tip: Try cutting out different shapes too! We cut out circles to mimic flowers.



4. Glue in the paper wherever your heart desires!



You’re all done!

Tip: Turn your paper around and follow the black border to cut off the edges of your paper.

Frame it, mail it, share it with your loved ones!
Make sure to also share with us by using #artwithBAC and show us what you made on social media.

Happy Mother’s Day!

With love,

Brentwood Art Center