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Classes -FAQ

How do I register for classes?

You can register yourself or your children for all classes and camps using our online registration system. If you experience any issues or difficulties, just call us at (310) 451-5657.

What age ranges are the classes at the BAC?

We offer classes for children, teens and adults. Mixed media classes for children start at 5 years of age, with specific media classes starting at age eight. Our children’s classes are structured by age so that students will have comparable levels of motor skills, manual dexterity, attention span, social skills and interests.

Are your teachers professional working artists?

Yes, in addition to being educators, the majority of our teachers are working artists who have gallery representation and exhibit regularly. To find out more about a particular teacher you can visit our faculty pages HERE.

What is the average class size?

For 5-6 yrs classes the maximum size is 10 students. For classes for six and up the class sizes are usually 12 students. Adult classes usually have a maximum of 12 students, though some classes have a lower limit.

What class do you recommend for an adult or teen who has not done art in a while?

We recommend that teen or adult students who are new to art, or who have not taken an art class in several years, start with Beginning Drawing. Being able to draw well and translate what you perceive into two-dimensions is essential for all other art-making. This class stresses the fundamental concepts of drawing such as line, shape, volume, space, and perspective, while working with a variety of drawing materials (such as charcoal and graphite). This class is also useful for those who need a refresher!

What if I really want to take a painting class without taking a drawing class first?

A: A student’s past experience and what class they’d like to take may be discussed with an advisor at the front desk. In some cases, a student might be asked to provide images of previous work to assist us in determining what class would be appropriate for a particular student’s skill level and interests.

Are supplies included in class tuition?

The Brentwood Art Center provides supplies for all children’s classes and some teen/adult classes. However, most teen and adult classes require students to provide their own supplies. A supply list will be provided for any class that requires supplies. Class schedules will mention which children’s classes do not provide supplies, and which adult classes do provide supplies.

Does the Center sell art supplies?

The BAC sells a limited amount of basic drawing supplies such as charcoal, pencils and erasers. When a student buys supplies, sales tax will be added to the amount. The charge can either be put on the account or be paid with cash, check or card; but please remember that the BAC carries a limited amount of change (though credit can be left on the account and applied to future charges).

Where should I buy art supplies?

Almost any supplies you may need can be bought at an art supply store. We usually recommend Blick since it provides the most variety and there is one located close by, on Santa Monica Blvd and Colby Ave.

What is the difference between a Session Class and a Continuing Class?

Session classes:
Session Classes run for a fixed number of weeks and are structured from beginning to end, building on the skills taught in prior weeks. Usually a student can join a session class up until the third class meeting without much trouble getting caught up. It may be possible to enroll in a session class after its third meeting, at the discretion of faculty and staff. Session classes cannot be dropped after the third class. All summer classes are session classes.

Continuing classes:
Continuing Classes run for the full length of the semester and can be joined at any time. Enrollment is on a monthly basis and automatically continues from one month to the next. Payment is due by the 1st of each month.

Most kids’ and teen classes are Continuing Classes, unless otherwise noted.

But how will I catch up if I start in the middle of a continuing class?

Students are sometimes concerned that they are not starting with all the other students if they join a class mid-month or mid-semester. However, kids’ classes are generally project-based, while in adult continuing classes, students work on their own projects under the individualized guidance of the instructor. By offering this style of class, a greater deal of flexibility is offered so that students may join at any time and withdraw when their schedule demands it. Our exceptional faculty is accustomed to this enrollment style and they are very adept at welcoming and orienting new students to an ongoing class. The instructor will familiarize themselves with a student’s skill level and background and begin instruction accordingly.

When do classes begin?

For kids’ classes and studio classes (see above) you can join a class at any time as long as there is space in the class and the curriculum permits it. Studio classes begin mid-September and run continuously though mid-June. We also offer a 10-week summer session with a different schedule to the rest of the year.

Session classes start at the beginning of each semester. There are four semesters: Fall (September to December), Winter (January to March), Spring (April to June) and Summer (June to August).

How come some classes are more expensive than others?

Prices per class meeting vary on the number of hours the class is in session, whether supplies are included, and whether or not there is a model.

How do I withdraw from a class?

Students who wish to drop a session class must inform the office at least one week before the start of the session to be refunded the full cost of the class. Students who inform us at least a week before the second or third class will be refunded for the remaining classes on a prorated basis. After the third class, no refunds are possible.

Students or parents of children wishing to withdraw from a continuing class must notify the office at least one week prior to the beginning of a new month in order to avoid incurring new tuition charges. Refunds are not possible after the first of the month if a student withdraws within that month.

For day camps, a $100 or 20% (whichever is larger) non-refundable, non-transferable deposit will be retained.

Where can I park?

We have a small parking lot that is located at the back of the center (on 26th street). There is also ample street parking, no permit needed. Please be aware of the following restrictions on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays:

9am – 11am: street cleaning on the east side of 26th street
10am – 12pm: street cleaning on the south side of Montana avenue

12pm – 2pm: street cleaning on the north side of Montana avenue

1pm – 3pm: street cleaning on the west side of 26th street

Kids’ Classes

What is the difference between a Mixed Media class and a Drawing and Painting class?

Both classes present students with a variety of materials and techniques. The main difference is a mixed media class may have projects that are sometimes two-dimensional and sometimes three-dimensional. Drawing and painting classes allow students to focus on two-dimensional art making techniques.

Do you offer day camps?

Yes! We offer day camps during the summer and during the winter break. We do not offer spring break camps, however, due to the varying schedules of local schools.

Absence and Make-up Policy

What if I have to miss a class?

We know things come up and sometimes absences can’t be avoided but we have good news: we have a make-up policy. Students who notify the front desk at least 24 hours in advance of an absence will be credited with a make up class. A student can use their make up to come to any other class at a different time as long the student has the supplies and skill level for the class, and as long as there is space in that class. Students must schedule make-ups with the front desk (see below). Make-ups expire after one year. Students can also use makeups to bring a friend or family member to their class. During Fall, Winter and Spring, students must be enrolled in at least one class in order to use a makeup. Students do not need to be enrolled to use makeups in the Summer.

How do I schedule a make-up?

Students review the schedule of classes and identify classes they would like to use their make-up in (sometimes students find it helpful to consult their instructors). A student then contacts the front desk at (310) 451-5657 or info@brentwoodart.org to inquire about space in the class they want to do the make-up in. In all cases make-ups cannot be scheduled more than 2 days in advance.

Students must schedule make-ups with the front desk. Please do not show up to a class without previously scheduling and confirming a make-up as there is limited space and enrollment in all classes and you may not be able to attend the class.

Is there any way to come to a class here and there?

We offer the option of doing pay-per-visits (PPVs). PPVs are scheduled weekly with space and curriculum permitting. PPVs must be scheduled ahead of time to make sure there is space in the class. If you’d like to schedule a PPV please contact the front desk at (310) 451-5657 or info@brentwoodart.org. From September 16 onwards, a $5 fee will be charged for each pay-per-visit class. There is no fee for enrolling in a class.

Can I automatically pay my bill each month?

You may request to have your card automatically charged each month by asking a front desk advisor. You will receive payment confirmations via email each time a payment is processed. Automatic payments are processed on or around the 23rd of each month.